The creACTive-lab is one of the International Association of Communication Activists' (IACACT) many projects and was created in order to provide a platform where creativity and action can be combined. The"creative/active laboratory" will support student projects based on the non-profit sector, for example, projects that promote social justice or protect the environment, in order to work towards building a better society. The mission of the creACTive lab is to establish an international forum where students can exchange ideas on non-profit issues, share their passions and develop or learn new skills. Ultimately, our students will 'activate' themselves and become communication activists. They will become not only witnesses, but also actors of change and will present their experiences of the non-profit sector to others, using the modern communicational tools provided by the creACTive-Lab.

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What people say about us

  • "The creACTive lab is the ideal tool to increase the skills, share ideas and develop projects for the new generations of social actors"

    Daniele Mariani, Founder
  • "It is a great forum for sharing and exchanging ideas as well as provoking meaningful dialogue between young generations"

    Ella M. Huhta, PHD Candidate
  • "Brilliant, innovative!! An opportunity for all!!!"

    Claudio Sabbatucci, ITEC Service Desk Supervisor
  • "Innovative, creative and useful!"

    Rosil Azawi, Communications Manager


Due to the international dimension of its team, creACTive lab's e-Lab is a virtual workspace which offers on-line spaces for long distance meetings, video conferences and informational platform. creACTive lab's e-Lab is achieving net zero carbon emissions; it is our small contribution to a better environment.


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Are you a student / a student association?

Do you have passion to help others? Do you know any NGO and you want to help it? Are you a Student Association and you want increase the international visibility of your projects? If you are a student and/or a student association and you want to act in building a better society join the creACTive lab! Share with us your projects, your experiences and tell us your new ideas about cooperation. The creACTive-lab is dedicated to everybody who wants to take action or is taking action in the non-profit world: we will support your communication projects in order to establish new possible alliances, to give an international visibility and creating a global network of passioners for nonprofit!


IACACT, the International Association of Communication Activists, is an international non-profit organization and its mission is intended to assist, develop and support the communication of small non-profit organizations which operate in different areas of the society. Founded in 2012 by young members from all over the world, who have voluntarily come together to share their international expertise, IACACT members are passionate about building a better society, based on the values of social economy, human rights and solidarity, dialogue among people, equal opportunities and active citizenship, the eco-sustainable lifestyles and respect for the environment.


IACACT supports communication campaigns and provide international visibility, infosharing, promotional support, networking, partnership, "can do" communication for all nonprofit organisations


Sport4nonprofit is one of the International Association of Communication Activists' (IACACT) many projects. The aim is to raise funds to support local and international projects of NGOs, associations and foundations from all over the world, through organising and participating in sporting events.


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